The Claude Nicol Centre and the Morley Street Contraception Clinic are integrating to provide a joined up service. This will enable patients to access both sexual health screening and contraception as a 'one stop shop'. The service will be called Brighton and Hove Sexual health and Contraception (SHAC). This will mean improved access to a wide range of clinics and most importantly better patient experience. Specialist clinics including Clinic M, Clinic T, Clinic W and Young People's Clinics will continue.
                    We look foward to launching our new website in the near future.
The Claude Nicol Centre (Sexual Health) & Lawson Unit (HIV)
Outpatients, Royal Sussex County Hospital
Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 5BE
Tel: 01273 664721
The Claude Nicol Centre is a centre of excellence for sexual health

The Centre is staffed by our friendly team of specialist doctors, nurses and health advisers. Open to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexuality we offer every possible service. You don’t need a GP referral, and best of all, it’s all completely free – even prescriptions! We guarantee you an appointment within 2 working days, as well as a walk-in service and late clinics. You will be given the choice of male or female staff, and because we have the latest technology and testing methods we can often diagnose and treat the same day. Naturally, all of our services are confidential and your privacy will be respected at all times. You can even have your test results sent by text message direct to your mobile phone.

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We are a department of the main hospital, however you DO NOT need to be referred by anyone else.

We offer a range of services including sexual health screening, management of patients with HIV, including a young persons clinic and a gay & bisexual men's clinic.

The department (Lawson unit and Claude Nicol centre) is situated in the Outpatients Building of the Royal Sussex County Hospital, on the corner of Eastern Road and Abbey Road.

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Ebola advice

1.   If you have been to Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia  and if you have developed any of the following symptoms:

Fever (>380C), headache, sore throat, profuse diarrhoea and vomiting or general malaise within 28 days of visiting one these countries, please contact NHS 111

2.                          2. If you have come in to contact with body fluids of /handled clinical specimens (blood, urine, faeces, tissues, laboratory cultures) from an individual or laboratory animal known or strongly suspected to have Ebola and have developed any of the following symptoms:

Fever (>380C), headache, sore throat, profuse diarrhoea and vomiting or general malaise within 28 days of exposure to body fluids please contact NHS 111